Want to RISE above the fog and ashes of your clutter?

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Getting organized can transform your life!
Here’s just a few of the perks:

Create a relaxing haven.

Feel comfortable and at peace in your space. No more battles, frustration, or stress.

Save precious resources.

Get more done in less time, save money, and start doing more of what you LOVE.

Get empowered.

Gain clarity on your unique organizing style. Organize in a way that feels NATURAL for you!

Showcase your strengths.

Feel more confident to do what YOU do best, whether it’s hosting parties, coming up with creative business ideas, or spending quality time with your family.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our portfolio.

Here’s some kind words from our amazing clients:

“Lehua made the process very easy. While she let me vent on my challenges, she actually tied things together as I talked. Her idea of making a list of what I believed or how I felt made it much easier for me to take action. She also gave me homework and met with me the following week to hold me accountable. Thank you!”

Heather D.

Business Owner

“After working with Lehua, the results were immediate– now I can find what I need, I know what I have, and it’s much easier to access what I need when I actually need it. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I have now that there’s more space!”

Ethel R.

Retired Professional

“Before working with Lehua, I felt overwhelmed by my paperwork and didn’t really know where to start organizing. The clutter in my office translated into clutter in my head. Phoenix Zen helped me regain my clarity and focus on running my business again. Thank you for helping me reclaim control of my business!”

Dante G.

Business Owner

Meet the Organizer: Lehua Kauhane-Reinhardt

Lehua's love for organizing began as a boarding student at Kamehameha Schools on O’ahu. It’s no surprise that her favorite spaces to organize are bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms– the perfect combination of a standard dorm room!

Lehua’s counseling background provides a solid foundation for empowering her clients and supporting their specific needs. In addition to her studies in psychology, she is inspired by the concepts of health/stress management, feng shui, and minimalism. By applying these principles to her own life, Lehua has discovered the following: the importance of simplifying; the relationship attachment people have with their material belongings, time, and other resources; and how that relationship impacts quality of life. Phoenix Zen was created to help people build productive and efficient lifestyles. What began as a desire to help others has become a passion that she longs to share with the world.

You can view more of Lehua's online portfolio over at our Pinterest page.

Lehua headshot
  • Time & Productivity Management 95%
  • Inner Work Coaching 90%
  • Systems Planning 85%
  • Creativity + Fun 85%

Discover how we can help you with:

Home Organizing

We train and support couples and families in the art of organizing their home, so they feel comfortable and confident in their living space. Organizing streamlines the household management process and allows them to spend more time doing what they love.

  • home office
  • bedroom/closets
  • kitchen
  • craft room
  • living room
  • paperwork systems
  • electronic files
Business Organizing

We support and train home-based business owners to save time and feel more productive in their workspace, which maximizes their workflow and improves their bottom line:

  • home office
  • paperwork systems
  • electronic files
Moving & Relocation Services

We help individuals, couples, and families prepare and organize their belongings for a move, either in- or out-of-state. Getting organized ahead of time means less stress and time wasted moving out and settling in, and more quality time enjoying your new place! We are well-connected with other business owners who can assist you with a streamlined and smooth moving process.

Disaster Preparedness Planning

We help individuals, couples, and families to feel empowered and better prepared in case of an emergency. Because it's not a matter of if, but when, something will happen. You can learn more about our Preparedness Program and Guide here.

Additional Services

We also provide the following services, which can be added to your personalized organizing package:

  • Space planning with feng shui, for maximum efficiency and positive energy flow
  • Personal shopping for quality storage solutions and organizing tools
  • Setting up scheduling, calendar, or email systems to reduce business overwhelm
  • Proofreading and copywriting services to organize your written communication

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About PZ

Phoenix Zen is a professional organizing business that uses organizing and lifestyle management as tools to leverage greater success, peace, positive energy, and joy in clients’ lives.

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